Jeff Slaughter


“Bout Time!”

Well, I’m thinking it might be time for an update, so “Happy Mid Year”!  Haha! Can you believe this year is more than hallway over! Hope you’re summer is going great so far! I’m starting my 6th week straight in lower AL and will end this week in Moultrie, GA. It’s been a blur, but a complete blast!! Even after 29 years of doing kid events, I thank the Lord everyday for allowing me to do what love I do!
Thanks for all your encouraging emails about the “Fun Run”! I’m grateful and blessed to hear about all the ways the Lord has used that curriculum this summer! Here’s to MOREEEE!!! Next year will mark my 20 year anniversary of writing VBS music! CRAAAAZY!! Talk about time flying by! What a sweet, incredible, life changing journey it has been! I just wrapped up all the music videos for 2016’s  #jeffslaughterVBSTreeHouse. It’s based on God’s promises of love, hope, salvation, provision and power. The theme verse is Joshua 23:14. I’ll be posting some snippets of the music videos soon so stay tuned!
I also have a new Christmas musical that was released last month through Brentwood Benson Music Publishing. It’s called “Felix Finds Christmas: A Story of God’s Heart for Adoption.” I wrote it in partnership with America World Adoption Agency and I’m so excited about how it all turned out. You can listen to portions of it at
Hope the rest of your summer is super fun and blessed!
Love you guys!