Jeff Slaughter


Reflecting on the Season

Happy Advent, Friends!
I love this season of anticipation and preparing for the celebration of the Lord’s birth. It’s such a special time to prepare your hearts and homes to let the hugeness of what we are about to celebrate sink in.

Amidst the church concerts this December, I’m taking some time to reflect and rest up before next year’s touring begins!

After which I’m looking forward to coming to your church this spring and summer! (In fact I have some RARE summer dates still available.)

In light of that, I wanted to share an excerpt from my book about one of the VBS songs that I now sing at concerts and choirs have chosen to perform:

We believe, from “Ramblin’ Road Trip VBS”, 2005


In the fall of 2003, I began working on the songs for the LifeWay’s “Ramblin’ Road Trip VBS, which was set to release in 2005. Daddy has passed on March 19 of that year, and a week later I jumped back into a pretty heavy traveling schedule. All through the summer months, I was pretty much on auto pilot emotionally. When I sat down to work on the the “Roadtrip” songs in October, I felt completely empty and disconnected. The creative flow that I was used to having with the Lord seemed “stopped up.” As I sat at the piano staring at the blank piece of paper, I felt the Lord say, Go back to the basics…the basics of what you have believed about me all your life. I realized the things I had learned about the Lord as a child had built the foundation of what I was resting on now as I was learning how to live without my daddy. I felt impressed to write a song that would bring these foundational truths together. And if someone sang it and truly believed every word, that person’s relationship with the Lord would be sealed without a doubt. All of the sudden I heard myself playing the opening melody. Then the Lord whispered the first line, We believe and we are never the same.  Fifteen minutes later it was done. “We believe” eventually became the first VBS song to “cross over” into the church as an anthem for adult choirs and was LifeWay’s number-one-selling anthem that year!
You can find out more info about booking here.
  • Joyce Grimes

    I love “We Believe”! It is one of my many favorites, which includes “Thr Healing One”, “One”, “God Cares”, “I Will”, “It’s All True”, Because”, … Thank you for all the years of sharing your life journey in song. BTW, love love love your book!