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Old Home Week

That’s a phrase my Mama used to describe reconnecting with long time or “old friends”! Friends that feel like “home.”

Well, I have been having “old home week” at the LifeWay Kids Conference all week. What a blessing to see people you have partnered with in ministry for so many years. To remember and reflect on … Read More!


Fall Is Here!

I looooove fall! This morning it’s about 60 degrees in Nashville … perfect! I had a chance to sit on the front porch for a while and take it all in.

Thank You, Lord for changing seasons, for new beginnings … and for the harvest time!

My good friend, Andrew, texted me these verses yesterday, and I want to encourage you with them as well. These words were like water to my soul:… Read More!


Come out and see me!

I’ll be playing at FBC Ft. Meade, Florida this weekend (October 1st and 2nd). Come out and see me if you can! I’ll be leading worship Saturday night and Sunday night. I would love to see you there.

I’m also looking forward to hangin’ out with my VBS peeps at the LifeWay Kids Conference on October 10th. You can read more about that here… Read New Music for VBS 2012…

We’ll be going through all the music and motions for Amazing Wonders Aviation.… Read More!

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