Jeff Slaughter


What’s your favorite worship song?

Some of the most amazing moments of my life are when kids come up to me and say, “Mr. Jeff, I felt God tonight when we were singing.”

This is what I long for, what I pray will happen within them:  That they will truly find that holy, intimate place with their Father, and that they will desire more and more of Him!

KeithgreenI remember the first time in my life I “felt God” when I was singing a song. It was Keith Green’s song “How I Love You.” It’s so simple, yet so profound. Based on John 14:6, it has always been one of my favorite worship songs to sing. Keith was killed in a plane crash just a few years into his ministry, so it has been an honor — as well as a mission— for me to enable kids today to be blessed and encouraged by the anointing of the music the Lord poured into him.

In the comments section, Please share with me the worship song that currently connects you to the Father and why. You just may get a personal shout out and “dedication” at my next show!

  • Joyce Grimes

    For me “The Word”, by Jeff Slaughter, because it is perfect unbreakable unshakeable truth & what I cling to. I love the Word of God! (“We Believe”, by Jeff Slaughter, is another favorite!)
    For Bruce “It’s All True”, by Jeff Slaughter, because God’s Word is ALL TRUE!
    For Trenton “When I Sing”, by Jeff Slaughter, because he’s 13, loves to sing, the joy of the Lord pours over him & his voice is changing, so the “squeak/off key” happens, but it’s ok because God loves it when he sings!
    In this world of uncertainty, there is only one thing we know is certain. God loves us and God’s Word is true and filled with His promises to us and we LOVE God and His Word!
    BTW-Jeff Slaughter is our favorite songwriter and singer, because we know he loves The Lord and that love in evident everything he writes & does. His songs speak life, truth and the love of Jesus into our hearts. He is the ‘real deal’ which is unique in this world today.

  • Michelle Watt

    Years ago, I studied and worked in the Dominican Republic. Only two books made it into my luggage (a minor miracle,) my Bible and Keith Green’s biography, “No Compromise.” God used his passionate story to shape my life. (The section on the type of festivals God despised held me sober. Amos 5:21.) I love to sing, “My Eyes Are Dry.” It gives a sweet, dependent voice to our need for Him. Few songs address this tender repentance. (My girl found his music in her Easter basket this year.) You remind us of him at your piano.
    Right now, my daughter and I love to sing “Miracle Maker” right into “Healing Oil” by Kim Walker-Smith. They declare who He is and what He means to us. We believe Jesus wants to heal us. We believe in miracles. And we believe God wants to grow His church with both. Nothing compares to basking in His presence. NOTHING. These songs are intimate and faithful. Exactly what worship should be, exactly what a Bridegroom would love from His bride. One day, I hope to have children paint in worship to these…more offerings going up and out. :) Thanks for asking. Be blessed.

  • Janice Spitzer

    I am redeemed.
    Keith Green held a concert on the front lawn of our college back in the 70s. He and Larry Norman were my fave back then. It was an amazing night of worship!